Types of piercing jewellery

There are different types of piercing jewellery. Often a piercing allows for more that one type of jewelry to be worn. Not always, but often. In those cases, we’re talking about either a bar or a ring. There are different types of rings and different types of bars or studs. Which ones are mean for which piercing is now off topic. We’re here to talk about the jewelry.

The Bars:

First off: the barbell. A bar with two screw on tops or balls.


The threading can either be internal or external. This means that the threading can either be on the bar or inside the bar.

A piece of jewelry with external threading can be irritating to the skin when inserting or removing the jewelry because of the threading scraping the fistula in that movement. A piece with jewelry with threading on the inside is often polished smooth and has nothing to scrape your sensitive skin.

And then there is the labret. A bar with on the one end, a flat disc and on the other end a screw on/in top or ball.

And then the curved bar.  This one’s called the curved barbell. This is the same as a barbell but a curved one. It’s also often called a bananabell.

Types of piercing jewellery

The rings:

We have the circular barbell, which is a circle shaped bar. A barbell is a bar with a ball on each end. This one is often called a horseshoe.circularbarbell

Then there’s the captive bead ring, also called the ball closure ring. This is a ring with a ball captive in it for closure. This one often has to be opened with the help of a pair of ball closure ring opener pliers. These open when tightened instead of the other way around just as with regular pliers. Sometimes these rings can be opened without these pliers but this is quite rare and opening the ring is often much easier than closing it.smiley jewelled captive disc rings

Also, there is the segment ring. This is a ring with the same principle of opening and closing as the captive bead ring. Except the ball is replaced with a piece of ring as well. This way you create the illusion of a smooth continuous ring.

This illusion is also easier to open whith a clicker type ring. This one is hinged on one side so it opens like a door. This way you don’t need pliers to open it.Types of piercing jewellery