What’s a consultation?

Consult (/second opinion)

What is it? What are the costs? Why not for free? How long does it take? What will I gain from it?

For example: you’ve gotten piercerd some time ago – wherever on your body, by whomever –. Healing doesn’t seem to go right or there’s something odd about it you need advice on. Your General Practicioner doesn’t help you much either – for example purposes only, I’m not saying GP’s don’t know what they’re doing – .

A consultation/second opinion can also be done online!

You look for a piercer that seems reputable to you or who’s gained your trust and you go to them for advice. You book an appointment with said piercer to have them look at your problem in hopes that they can give you advice that will actually fix the problem. This si pretty much what you’d do with any other physical problem when you’re consulting your GP, really.

A consultation is not free of charge, because these things demand time.

Time that the piercer has freed especially for you, so they can see and discuss the issue at hand and try and find a solution.

antibiotica bij piercings

Alos because this requires knowledge.

Said piercer has – at least in my case – spent time and money to courses and seminars, conferences, and lessons, experience and more to acquire this knowledge.

But also because a consultation requires materials.

Such as a sheet of couchroll paper to cover the massage table hygienically, a drape to cover the instruments table, a few pairs of gloves to touch you or the piercing without crosscontaminating both you, me and my things and yours, a few gauze compresses and some saline to clean the wound and the skin around your piercing to allow for better visibility of the issue. As well as, much more actually.

Of course, also for the expertise.

And the adaptability and empathy, bed side manner etc. that is needed to understand the problem and help you on all fronts of the problem.

Also for the sheet of paper you’ll fill in, that holds the questions you need to answer, and the ink it was printed with.

All of these are costs that need to be covered for me to do my job properly during a consultation. And the time I took to set up the questionnaire so I’m sure I’ve asked all the right questions adn you’ve answered all I need to know about your issue to help and find a solution. Because without all this needed information I simply cannot advise you, at all. That would be putting you in danger inadvertedly, which is irresponsible.

A consultation, online or offline, takes at least 30 minutes of my time (and yours). 30 minutes that won’t be spent on anything else than you and your piercing.

During these 30 minutes I can’t pierce someone else, sell anyone else some jewellery or advise them about it, I can’t clean or do paperwork, can’t and won’t answer the phone, e-mails, messages, book appointments… because I devote that bit of time solely to you and only you. That’s what you pay for. Because – I think that much by now is clear – it costs me time and money too.

A consultation/second opinion can also be done online!

In fact:

You call me or send me a message through Whatsapp or Facebook or Instagram to book an appointment for a consultation. Great! (or you get it online) I send you over to this blogpost to book your own appointment. Next thing, you come to your appointment in the studio and I hand you over a clipboard with a questionnaire. Fill that in as much as you can, as best you can with what you do know about your piercing.

After this, I take you wiht me to the piercing room and I have you lay down on the clean and shielded massage table. I grab and prepare the necessities: dental bib, (mouth)mask, gloves, alcohol wipes, gauze, squirt bottle with alcohol, sterile saline spray bottle, I cover allt he bottles with plastic bags to prevent cross constamination, maybe some sterile single use lube and some instruments if needed… the latter depends on the situation.

Then I check the answers you’ve written on the questionnaire and discusse them with you to make sure I understand your question and the situation at hand. I discuss the details with you that I deem need some clarification, and I give you my initial advice.

I wash or disinfect my hands, put on a facemask and donne a pair of gloves to continue examining your piercing up close. Whilst doing this, I continue talking with you about the problem and esteemed solution.

I pretty much think out loud and thus you know exactly why the problem needs the suggested solution and how to go about this. Anything that comes to mind, anything I deem important for you to understand what I want to communicate with you. In most cases, that’s where we find the casue of the issue and thus the initial steps to solve your problem. I tend to go into as much detail as needed and I use examples to make sure you understand it all fully.

A consultation/second opinion can also be done online!

When we both feel we’ve reached a solution, we conclude the consultation and leave the piercing room. I ask you to take a seat in the lobby while I write down my findings on the designated area of the questionnaire. After this, I usually take you through the aftercare instructions. You get a hard copy to take with you and consult again at home.

I make a copy of the questionnaire you’ve filled in, for you to take with you along with the recommended steps. I show and allow you the possibility to purchase possible aftercare products you might need. We conclude your purchase at the register. We may even book your check-up appointment right then and there if that’s something you’re comfortable with. I recommend these check-ups after a consultation to ensure the solution we’ve come to – and your application thereof – is really helping you.

There. Nouw you know exactly what a consultation entails.

And why it may be useful and worth the try. Also, you may now understand why I charge a fee. You may now also understand why the chances of you finding this possibility anywhere else are slim to none.

A consultation/second opinion can also be done online!

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